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Who Are We

Breath-Works is an integrated health and wellness optimization service focussed on developing high functioning breathers. The company’s founder, James Chicanot, is a breath-work coach and educator. He has been studying, researching and practicing breath-work for almost a decade. He is a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor and is well versed in a wide range of breathing traditions and practices. He has also trained in the Wim Hof method and strongly endorses Dylan Werner’s latest work, “The Illuminated Breath”. James is an avid athlete, yoga practitioner, and all around health, fitness and self-optimization disciple.

What We DO

Breath-works provides coaching and training in a variety of functional breathing techniques and practices. The company offers individual and group consultations, coaching and tailored breath-work seminars and training sessions. As an Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor, James is qualified to provide the entire range of services and curricula offered by Oxygen Advantage: Invincible Breathing Method for Mind, Body and Sport. (

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Why It Matters

Becoming a high functioning breather is truly life changing. It positively impacts a range of different elements of health and wellness including stress management, functional movement, sleep quality, emotional self-regulation, athletic performance, energy enhancement and effective immune response. By learning to breathe light, slow and deep, anyone can develop the “magic” – known and practiced by mystics and yogis for thousands of years – of increased oxygenation, reduced sensitivity to carbon dioxide and tap into the secret ingredient known as nitric oxide.

Who We Work With

Simply put, with everyone. Especially anyone who wishes to improve their health, fitness, vitality and overall wellbeing. Functional breath-work is one of the most potent but overlooked sources of health optimization and enhanced vitality. Breath-works particularly specializes in helping athletes of every kind to “up their game” as well as anyone who has disordered breathing indicated by things such as frequent breathlessness, asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, anxiety and elevated stress levels.

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